List But Not Least

Do not call on me at 3 AM to bring you food in the library.
We are barely more than acquaintances.
That is lower than a booty call.
That is a service call, and I will not stand for it.

Paul Simon - The Obvious Child

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Because, as much as having a crush is submitting to a mind-consuming, phone-checking, Instagram-hunting obsession with another person, it actually has almost nothing to do with anyone else! It’s a hobby you pursue alone. I think of it as high-quality me time. It also gives me a reason to step up my game a little. Can we all admit to the process of self-checkout… once a crush establishes brain residence? You check your hair game, internet presence, record collection, and personal accomplishments to convince yourself that this person might be impressed with you; and, by taking inventory of your own radness, you remind yourself what a baller you are. This is a great thing to do every once in a while, and crushes give us a nice little daisy field of time and focus to do it in. When a Crush Is Enough, Rookie

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